Microbe Matchup: Menarini's Memory Game on AMR and superbugs



Play and protect yourself

Why is Escherichia coli probably the most researched organism within the scientific community? (1) Who first discovered the bactericidal power of mould: Alexander Fleming or the Italian doctor Vincenzo Tiberio? (2)

These are just a few of the intriguing questions to explore with Microbe Matchup, the memory game by Menarini Group dedicated  to the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance (AMR).

A fun way to learn more about superbugs and infections resulting from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To raise awareness about a more conscious use of existing antibiotics and how to prevent infections. To delve deeper into Menarini's commitment and challenges in countering a global threat that could be responsible for 10 million deaths annually worldwide by 2050. (3)

Play now and find out how many matches you can complete before time runs out!




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2. Coppola, A. and Viggiani, E. (1980). Selected items from the history of pathology -- Vincenzo Tiberio (1896-1915). The American Journal of Pathology. 101(1):30.
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